Entrepreneurs In Residence

Spring 2018 Cohort

Vishal Disawar

Grove AI

Vishal has a strong passion for the intersection of tech & organizing. He previously was on the digital team for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, was a fellow at Higher Ground Labs, and organized around immigration issues in Illinois.

Nadine Levick


Dr. Nadine Levick, is an Emergency Medicine physician, interdisciplinary researcher and innovator. She is the Founder of the iRescU Project – a social good crowdsourcing Defibrillator (AED) mapping initiative, recipient of the 2014 American Heart Association Innovation Challenge Award as well as being invited to the White House Safety Data Jam. She also volunteers as a member of the New York City Medical Reserve Corps. 

Martin Fogelman III

Pluto by Craevotieous Inc.

Martin is the cofounder & CEO of Pluto, a transparency portal for conscious companies to engage with their stakeholders.

Chase Liebow

Pluto by Craevotieous Inc.

A recent graduate from High Point University with a B.A. in Graphic Design and minor in Studio Art. Chase is a hungry millennial always looking for a design challenge to solve elegantly. With an innovative creative mind, an extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and a ruthless work ethic, it lead her to where she is today!









Brian Williams

BREAUX Capital

During his college years Brian experienced the death of both his parents, facing implicit bias and discrimination from certain financial institutions as he navigated the process of adopting responsibilities of their debts/finances. This experience inspired him to push for a world where people of color are BOTH economically empowered and emboldened. 

Noelle Francois

Heat Seek

Noelle comes to Heat Seek from a background in social justice, with a focus on housing policy and community development. She holds a Master of Public Administration from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts from the College of William and Mary.

Aaron Green

Social Rocket Factory

When you spend 10 years in the Marines you become used to operating in specific ways. Move fast. Make decisions. Constantly self-improve. Do everything for a mission bigger than yourself. Social startups are a match made in heaven for Aaron and everything he does is centered around helping social entrepreneurs create sustainable and scalable ventures that will change the world.

Cassandra Alcide

GOLD Comedy

Cassandra is creative problem solver dedicated to engaging, empowering, and entertaining an audience with content and experiences that are unique, inherently social, and “now”. Areas of expertise include brainstorming, writing, and managing integrated marketing solutions and campaigns. ​​

Kylynn Grier

Girls for Gender Equity

As the Policy Manager at Girls for Gender Equity, Kylynn Grier has supported organizational efforts with the Young Women’s Initiative. Kylynn continues to support GGE’s expanding policy work and is the organization lead as a member of Communities United for Police Reform.

Lou Huang


Lou Huang is the current Benevolent Dictator For Now of Streetmix, a civic engagement platform that gives people the power to reimagine and redesign streets. You can catch him on Twitch every Tuesday 2pm-6pm EST where he livestreams coding sessions and occassionally a video game.

Elana Duffy

Pathfinder Labs Inc

Lana graduated from Cornell University with a Masters of Engineering in 2002, then quit her job to enlist in the US Army from 2003-2012. She was medically retired with a Purple Heart following combat tours in OEF and OIF, eventually returning home to NYC to found Pathfinder Labs.The cat-related influences around the Pathfinder site are mostly her fault.

Patrick Farrell

Pathfinder Labs Inc

Patrick Farrell is a software engineer based in New York City. He went to Virginia Tech and a BS/MS in Electrical Engineering and has worked in NYC for the past 7 years.

Keith Kirkland


Keith is a Fashion and Industrial Designer with a background in Mechanical Engineering. He has created all different types of wearable devices imaginable, including a Kung-Fu downloading bodysuit. 

Yang Yang Wang


Yang is a Mechanical Engineer turned Industrial Designer. Having designed public sculpture, streetlights, eyewear, jewelry, and more - his expertise is in bringing product from concept to production. 




Sarah Suson

Li'l Stories

Sarah is a recent graduate from the University of California, Irvine, with degrees in English and Psychology. She has a passion and dedication for both education and writing, with many interests, such as music, traveling, and cooking. For the past two years, she has worked in different positions related to youth development and tutoring.



Dan Phiffer

Smol Data

Dan is a full-stack generalist with 14 years of experience helping startups, cultural institutions, and publishers design, build, migrate, and maintain websites. He has experience with both the front- and back-end and has also done a bit of interaction design and systems administrating. He has an eye for detail and a commitment to well-documented, maintainable technologies.

Elizabeth Ferarro

Women Who Code NYC

Elizabeth's background is in making great products, setting my team up for success, building communities, front-end engineering, dev evangelism, and tech recruiting. 

Need an expert at determining your product’s flaws and how to improve the experience? Claim to fame? The best cheerleader your engineering team will ever have. 

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Bernard Wang

Grove AI

Bernard is interested in building empathetic and socially conscious communities in tech. Previously, he’s been involved with OpenOakland, a Code For America Brigade, and has contributed to the civic engagement tool 5calls.org.

Nancy Vitale

Eyes Up Here Productions

Nancy is the Founding Producer of Eyes Up Here Productions, a company that wants to direct your gaze to the unexpected, which produced her first short film, RUNNING WITH SHARKS in 2013. Since then, Eyes Up Here has grown into a full-service production company, offering organizations, companies, and individuals everything from creative strategy to production services for the stage, videos, and live events. 

Keeley Duffy

Pluto by Craevotieous Inc.

Keeley is a web developer looking to do good. Currently working in Javascript, AngularJs, Express, Node, MongoDB, and jQuery.

Ashley Tallevi


Ashley Tallevi, Ph.D., is a social science researcher and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Civic Hall. She is currently working as a consultant for the NBC News Election Lab.  Her academic research explores the relationship between program/product design and human behavior.  Ashley’s doctoral research at Penn used public health programs to identify how the privatization of social policies influences how people perceive and engage with government.  This research was awarded funding from the National Science Foundation and the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics, and it has appeared in peer-reviewed journals. When Ashley’s isn’t nerding out over design and data analytics, she can be found walking around New York searching for the best donuts. 

Ken Miles

Need Somebody

A Harlem social entrepreneur and organizer focused on building tools that help empower communities. Background in digital ad sales, communications, and strategy.

Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson

Race Ya

Abigail is a PhD Anthropologist, a maker and a confectionery roboticist. She has more than 10 years of commercial and academic experience researching complex social systems. She is also the mother of two curious kids and never got the really big racing set she wanted for Christmas.

Louis Songster

Social Rocket Factory

LOUIS'S MISSION: relentlessly building the Social Sector's evolutionary replacement. His professional work serves the cause of Rebooting the Social Sector on two fronts:
(1) SOCIAL ROCKET FACTORY -- an entrepreneurial funding + development platform dedicated to designing and launching a new breed of For-Profit Social Ventures. 
(2) YELLOW MAGNET -- an awareness-to-action consultancy that works directly with social change leaders to transform the awareness their established organizations are already creating into specific, strategic, impactful actions.

Lynn Harris

GOLD Comedy

Lynn Harris is founder of the early-stage startup GOLD Comedy, which aims to give girls and women the tools to find their funny and the places to share it with the world. She is also an award-winning journalist and author, former standup comic, experienced communications and content strategist, longtime activist, and former Tonya Harding lookalike (long story).

Sarika Kumar

Girls for Gender Equity

Sarika Kumar is one of the program coordinators for the Young Women's Advisory Council (YWAC) at Girls for Gender Equity. They strive to collectively make political education accessible value the power of affirming spaces that center healing, intersectionality, and lived experience.

Adam Bard


Prior to founding Streetlives, Adam's background includes empathic writing for humanitarian tech and startup companies, and lyric and songwriting for a variety of global acts in genres from Swedish Metal to Broadway.


Jacqueline Silva

Pathfinder Labs Inc

Jacqueline is a financial communications professional that specializes in financial media relations, marketing, transaction communications, industry analyst relations, and direct to customer communication programs. She began her career as an analyst in the investment banking division of a broker dealer located in New York City. She quickly rose through the ranks and left her banking career as a vice president to pursue a career in financial public relations.

David Ambrose


David is an experienced producer and production manager for projects ranging from non-profit media campaigns to feature-length films. He has a full-range skillset from script-writing, casting, and directing, to audio and video post-production editing, and is co-founder of www.ArtNotWar.com

Kevin Yoo


Kevin is an Industrial Designer with a passion for human-centric design. With a background in furniture design and haptics design, he has a wealth of experience creating objects that focus on usability and ergonomics. 

Anke Stohlmann

Li'l Stories

Anke Stohlmann is a designer and design strategist and work at the intersection of digital and print, communicating and clarifying complex messages across multiple platforms. She is the principal and creative director of Li’l Robin, a strategic design consultancy, and the founder of Li’l Stories, a language arts framework that nurtures creative thinking, cooperative learning, and digital literacy in the elementary school classroom. 

Julliene Gatchalian

Li'l Stories

The bulk of her experience involve early education projects - from building preschool startups to research in education technology. This is a reflection of her passion for developing curriculum and creative experiences that address the needs and habits of twenty-first century learners. Understanding new technologies and finding the best ways to incorporate them into the early years, particularly in a mobile setting, has influenced her post-graduate pursuits.

Matt Collyer

Smol Data

What's this item about? What mMatt Collyer is currently a student at Bennington College studying Computer Science and Mathematics. His focus is on data representation and internet equality.

David Moore


David Moore is a co-founder of Sludge, an investigative journalism project focused on money in politics and built on the Civil platform. For the past eleven years, David worked as Executive Director of the Participatory Politics Foundation, building free & open websites for civic engagement such as OpenCongress, AskThem.io, and Councilmatic.org. He lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

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