Frequently Asked Questions:

Are residents allowed to bring in guests? If so, how long can they stay?
Yes, we encourage all of our members to bring in guests as long as they adhere to Civic Hall’s Code of Conduct and Guest Policies. Guests are allowed to stay for up to 3 hours, after this time (or if they do not sign out) you will be charged a $35 dollar guest charge per guest, per day.

Are residents required to pay for room bookings? If so, how much does it cost?
Yes, our residents are charged for their room bookings. All rooms will be the standard price, which can be found in our Membership Guide. Phone rooms are free of charge but must be reserved. If you need assistance reserving a room, please consider signing up for a Member Orientation and/or visit the Welcome Desk for quick assistance. 

On average, how long are Residency Engagement Events expected to last?
We require at least one hour for each hosted event. The maximum length of each event is dependant upon the event type and purpose. For example, a workshop about increasing social media engagement might last an hour, while a panel discussion with guest speakers could require double the amount of time. For clarification on what’s possible with Civic Hall events, please reach out to our team at

Can my organization host events at Civic Hall in addition to our required Residency Community Engagement Event?
Yes! We truly enjoy hearing member feedback and ideas on how to make the community a more enjoyable and engaging space for all members. Your event ideas are always encouraged and we invite you to fill out our event request form for any ideas outside of the Residency Program. If you have any questions or concerns about such events, please email Tamika Taylor, our Events Manager who would be happy to assist!

If the size of my organization changes, how can we update our Civic Hall account? What is the maximum number of members we can add?
Simply email the Director of Special Programs at with your updated team roster. Be sure to include the full names and email addresses of new members and/or indicate which members are no longer part of your residency. 


NOTE: The maximum number of members an Organization can have while in this program is 5. This excludes interns, for which the maximum number is 2. 

Is there a special orientation session for residents? 
Yes, during onboarding for new Resident Organizations our Director of Special Programs will offer an orientation session and Civic Hall tour for any members present. However, if Residents are short on time or have additional members who could not attend the onboarding session, we encourage them to attend our recurring New Member Orientation sessions. 

These orientation sessions take place bi-weekly on Mondays at4:30 pm in the Junior Boardroom. Interested parties can choose an upcoming session on our Events Page, then email our Director of Engagement, Olivia Snarski, to RSVP. 

Are lockers available for Residents? If so, how much do they cost?
Yes, our Residents are welcome to enjoy all the same benefits as any other member of Civic Hall. We have 2 types of lockers available: day lockers and monthly lockers. Day lockers are for daytime use and cannot be used for overnight storage. Any items found in these lockers will be relocated to our Lost & Found bin and reported in the accompanying Slack channel. Monthly lockers are available to rent full-time for $50/mo. (these charges will be reflected on your invoice and can be prorated as necessary). 

To obtain a locker, simply visit our Welcome Desk or email us at

How many times can an organization apply for renewal to the Entrepreneurs In Residence Program? 
After a year in the Entrepreneurs In Residence Program (formerly the Scholarship Program), an organization will no longer be eligible for extra-discounts on our advertised Residency Price plans. After 2-years, organizations will be considered EIR Alumni and are no longer eligible for enrollment into the Entrepreneurs In Residence Program.

Where can I find Civic Hall’s Policies and helpful tips on utilizing the space? 
Our Membership Guide is always a great place to start! We highly recommend you visit the Community Guidelines & Policies page to see detailed explanations of our various policies and terms of service. 

Below are some of the most asked questions that have surfaced during the Entrepreneurs In Residence Program. If you need further clarification on any of these matters, please feel free to contact us.
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